Warzone 2 players blame major issues on one simple thing

Warzone 2 players fighting
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 players fighting
Credit: Activision

There are numerous factors contributing to the current state of Warzone 2. Throughout the opening season for Call of Duty’s latest battle royale offering, players have encountered a variety of bugs and glitches impacting various elements of the game.

The game-breaking problems combined with a meta many describe as boring have left many believing the Season Two update is ‘make or break’ for Infinity Ward and Raven Software to stop Al Mazrah’s downward slope to failure.

While many are quick to blame the bugs and glitches on the state of Warzone 2, one player believes there’s another reason why the community continues to share their frustrations.

Why is Warzone 2 so bad?

Rather than pinning the blame on a specific area of the game that’s evidently broken, Reddit user InletINC claims the skill of players is one factor that’s ruining the experience. “It’s the calibre of players. Change my mind,” says the player.

“Every game is infested with campers, no idea why. Maybe something causes this to be the case but it’s killing my ability to not just lay around waiting.” On the other hand, one commenter believes the mechanics are the main cause of players dropping in and deciding to camp rather than hunt for kills. “Have you ever considered that people are playing that way because of the game?” questions another fan.

The inability to use armour plates while running alongside the incredibly fast time to kill leaves players wanting to preserve their lives rather than take an early trip to the gulag.

The slower pace isn’t ideal but one fan acknowledges camping is one of the best ways to play a Warzone 2 match. “It’s just the meta play style at this time. Aggressive play just isn’t rewarded currently.

With Season Two promising major changes to the battle royale, players making themselves at home in a building could become a thing of the past if the pace of play speeds up.

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