Warzone 2 bug allows players to buy loadouts

Warzone 2 player at buy station and Warzone 2 player carrying gun
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 player at buy station and Warzone 2 player carrying gun
Credit: Activision

The inability to purchase your loadout in Warzone 2 continues to prove a hot topic of conversation within the community. Rather than spending cash at a buy station, those dropping into the battle royale have to battle AI combatants in order to earn their favourite guns.

With Season One Reloaded on the horizon, many are hoping Infinity Ward applies a much-needed dose of weapon balancing in addition to fixing a glitch that turns enemies invincible

New bugs keep on appearing. The latest discovery sees one player managing to purchase a loadout drop from a buy station much to the surprise of their squadmates.

Warzone 2 loadout drops in buy stations

Despite Infinity Ward removing the option to purchase a loadout from a buy station, Warzone extraordinaire JGOD draws the attention of the community to a recent tweet showing certain buy stations have a loadout drop marker available for a reasonable $2,000.

“Buyable loadouts are already in Warzone 2 through a bug,” reads the tweet from @hydrojt. While many want the developer to add cut-price loadouts, one fan believes the limited access creates a more unique playing experience. “Please don’t add loadouts back,” says @_MonsieurMouton. “It’s a way better experience fighting with mostly ground loot.”

On the other hand, the prospect of returning loadout drops has the chance to increase the pace of matches. One user suggests developers should raise the price to $20,000 which sounds reasonable considering the game-changing potential of having access to your preferred weapon of choice.

The bug goes to show how easy it would be for Infinity Ward to restore loadout drops into Warzone 2. However, Warzone Caldera features all of the classic mechanics players love. So, if you want access to a loadout drop without dealing with AI, keep your eyes on the buy station menus.

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