Warzone 2 glitch gives players infinite gas mask

Warzone 2 players wearing gas mask
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 players wearing gas mask
Credit: Activision

The encroaching gas circle in Warzone 2 acts as an ideal way of condensing the late-game action into one small space as you battle to become the last one standing. Just like the previous iteration of the battle royale, there are items that provide some resistance to the toxic mist.

If you’re lucky enough to obtain a gas mask from a buy station or from one of several supply boxes that appear all over Al Mazrah, you’ll have some additional protection if the gas gets too close for comfort.

Ahead of Season One Reloaded, some players are encountering a bug giving them a gas mask that’s capable of lasting for the entire match.

Warzone 2 infinite gas mask glitch

During a match, Twitter user @knightb0t8 opened their inventory to discover the percentage of the gas mask had increased 300 times more than its intended lifespan. Instead of sitting at 100%, the mask ended up at over 301,000 much to the confusion of fans.

“Had no idea how it happened either,” says the player. Despite one sceptical user claiming Knight had performed an exploit to buff the gas mask, they share more insight on discovering the unintentional bug. “I just remember killing the Juggernaut at the black site, picked up two durable gas masks, and saw it was never going away.”

With an unlimited gas mask at their disposal, it’s no surprise to find out the player won the game after sitting in the gas without taking any damage.

The cause of the infinite gas mask is unknown and if you encounter the issue, it’s the perfect opportunity to score a very straightforward victory. Although it goes against the idea of the map decreasing in size, you’d use the bug to your advantage.

There’s a high possibility Infinity Ward is already working on a fix and with the mid-season update right around the corner, the infinite gas mask glitch will become a thing of the past.

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