Warzone 2 fans demand buff for 'frustrating' weapon

Warzone 2 crossbow and soldier holding crossbow
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 crossbow and soldier holding crossbow
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 contains an extensive arsenal of weaponry capable of making an impact in Al Mazrah and on Ashika Island. Whether it’s a fast-firing SMG or an assault rifle capable of scoring kills in the blink of an eye, there’s something for every player.

Ahead of Season Two Reloaded, players are starting to grow tired of the Fennec 45 and the RPK dominating the meta and instead of using the best weapons to dominate the opposition, they’re switching to more unorthodox options to build the next best loadout.

While Infinity Ward and Raven Software introduce doses of weapon balancing, some are failing to compete against their counterparts. Warzone 2 fans are desperate for a buff to one particular weapon that’s proving tricky to use.

Does this Warzone 2 weapon need a buff?

After getting their hands on the Crossbow by completing the Path of the Ronin event challenges, Reddit user Too_Easy_ believes the weapon needs a major buff in order to eliminate players with a single bolt.

Despite equipping explosive rounds it’s impossible to score a one-shot kill, which is hugely frustrating during a match where fine margins make the difference between life and death. It turns out, there are plenty of other players that also think the Crossbow needs a damage increase. “Yes. Yes it should,” comments another fan.

The Crossbow has no chance of squeezing into the current meta but it’s a great alternative for players looking for something unorthodox to make an impact over the course of a match. A simple damage increase is all that’s needed for the weapon to have some kind of firepower rather than cracking the armour of anyone that walks into the crosshairs.

It’s unclear if the Crossbow will receive a buff, but there’s always a chance of the developers listening to community feedback and applying a change as part of the mid-season update.

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