Warzone 2 player trolls opponents with EDM proximity chat

Warzone 2 player using phone and operator standing near DJ decks
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 player using phone and operator standing near DJ decks
Credit: Activision

The addition of Warzone 2 proximity chat continues to prove popular as players drop into the action. The feature allows players to hear the voices of nearby opponents, which proves handy when you’re working your way through the buildings of Al Mazrah.

Season One Reloaded is in full swing and while Infinity Ward applies numerous buffs and nerfs to ensure the meta doesn’t grow stale, some ingenious players are also utilising proximity chat to switch off the consoles of unsuspecting enemies.

Another use of proximity chat sees one player trolling a player posted up inside a building with some catchy EDM music in a bid to conceal their footsteps.

Warzone 2 EDM proxmity chat

During the early stage of a match, Reddit user “Carnivul” noticed their proximity chat flagged a nearby opponent. Upon realising, the player unleashes the foot-tapping bassline, much to the annoyance of the nearby foe.

Despite having a pistol and a thermite grenade as their only form of firepower, Carnivul manages to crack the armour of the player with the grenade before finishing them off with a few well-placed punches.

Other members of the community see the funny side of using proximity chat to gain an advantage. One commenter even suggests playing fake footstep audio in order to cause plenty of confusion over the course of a match. “You can play a footstep soundtrack with directional sound to throw them off,” they posted.

On the other hand, some believe that using proximity chat to hide your footstep audio is a sound exploit. “It’s just noise without direction that effectively hides footsteps,” says one fan. If you hear songs in Warzone 2 you’d expect to hear at a music festival, it’s probably best you attempt to avoid the possibility of ending up in the gulag.

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