Warzone 2 bug leaves players stranded in starting plane

Warzone 2 Ghost standing on plane ramp and Warzone 2 player using parachute
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 Ghost standing on plane ramp and Warzone 2 player using parachute
Credit: Activision

During a typical Warzone 2 match, there are several ways for players to bring their visits to Al Mazrah and Ashika Island to an early end. Whether it’s from an opponent using hacks to gain an unfair advantage or a gulag glitch providing a huge headstart, the list of unintentional exploits continues to grow.

With Season Two Reloaded now underway, fans continue dropping into the action in a bid to determine a new meta following the latest dose of buffs and nerfs affecting the weapon arsenal. In addition to the new changes, a new issue is ruining matches before they even begin.

The latest problem involves the drop plane. Rather than allowing players to dive into the action, they end up stranded.

Warzone 2 drop plane glitch ruining matches

Uncovered during a recent match by Reddit user El_Nieto_PR, their duo ended up unable to drop before plummeting into the water.

Thankfully, El Nieto managed to revive their teammates after they remained inside the map boundary. It appears that it’s not an isolated incident. Other members of the community are also left unable to land at their favourite locations. “Happened to me twice,” reports one fan. “Both times I had just died at the end of warmup. Dunno if coincidence or not.”

There’s a chance the issue stems from dying just before the warmup phase of the match comes to an end. Usually, this wouldn’t affect the start of a match but it seems the issue is one on a long list that Infinity Ward and Raven Software still need to address.

In order to evade a Warzone 2 game ending before it even starts, attempt to avoid dying before the warmup. If the issue does arise, hope there’s a teammate capable of performing a revive so the match continues.

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