Warzone 2 players are 'brainless gamers' according to Dr Disrespect

Warzone 2 player and Dr Disrespect wearing glasses
Credit: Activision / YouTube: Dr Disrespect

Thanks to the incredibly fast time to kill in Warzone 2, the skill gap between players is extremely small. With players claiming the current meta is getting boring, you’ll find opponents using exactly the same loadout in a bid to secure the win.

With a few weeks until the launch of Season Two, Dr Disrespect continues to drop into Al Mazrah despite revealing what he’d rather do than play the battle royale on a regular basis.

This time around, the two-time claims Infinity Ward designed the game to cater to ‘brainless gamers’ rather than creating a skill gap that rewards higher-skilled players.

Dr Disrespect slams Warzone 2 again

During a recent broadcast, the Doc joined forces with OpTic Gaming’s ZLaner in another quest to score some wins. Instead, the all-star squad scored a disappointing 50th-place finish, causing the streamer to berate the skill gap once again. “It’s crazy how they allow brainless gamers to win fights in this game.”

“That’s just so horrible, allow anybody to beat a really good player,” says the streamer. After a few more unsuccessful games, he continued critiquing the game while returning to the desktop. “Everything surrounding the foundation is atrocious. The foundation is nice, everything around it is atrocious.” On the plus side, at least the Doc is a fan of some elements of Warzone 2.

If you’re a regular Warzone 2 player, the chances of you growing frustrated with the lightning-fast time to kill are high. You’re not the only one. Numerous content creators and professional players remain frustrated with the current state of the game. Without any way to outplay an opponent through superior movement, let’s hope the developers improve the game for the better soon.

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