Warzone 2 players demand buff to classic assault rifle

Warzone 2 classic weapon buff
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 classic weapon buff
Credit: Activision

Assault rifles (AR) are a staple weapon category in Warzone 2. Whether players find themselves in a close-range battle or a mid-range duel, the incredible versatility they possess often outperforms weaponry with less mobility and firepower.

Ahead of the Season Two update, there are only a handful of ARs that feature towards the top of the meta. Judging by the Season Two early patch notes, there’s a high possibility of a widespread dose of weapon balancing shaking up the existing meta.

With plenty of weapons from previous Call of Duty titles available to use, players are asking Infinity Ward to buff an iconic assault rifle to give it a new lease of life in Al Mazrah.

Does the M4 need a buff?

After using the M4 during a recent match, Reddit user Glaive001 asks why the “M4 is so trash,” suggesting there are plenty of ARs capable of beating it during a gunfight. “I like this gun but it loses to every other AR in mid and long-range.”

Despite Glaive suggesting a buff is necessary in order for the M4 to compete against the rest of the arsenal, other members of the community believe that it’s already the perfect all-rounder. “M4 is great but you gotta get a good attachment setup,” comments one fan.

Another says the AR is an excellent option to run alongside a sniper rifle. “Run it with a sniper and it’ll work just fine.” Perhaps the M4 doesn’t need to compete alongside the likes of the RPK and the TAQ-56 after all.

There’s every chance the M4 is impacted by some kind of buff or it’s left alone while the more popular weapons are bought in line to create a bit of variety when creating a strong loadout. Whatever happens, the M4 will always act as a popular choice for new players and veterans of Al Mazrah.

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