Warzone 2 fans claim cheating is worse than ever

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Screenshot of Warzone 2 player taking cover behind concrete block and Warzone 2 player running with a red box around their head
Credit: Activision

Cheating in Warzone 2 continues to cause problems for players dropping into the action in Season 3 Reloaded. Despite improvements to Ricochet anti-cheat, hackers manage to slip through the net, much to the annoyance of legitimate players trying to become the last one standing.

Prior to the mid-season update, fans vented their frustrations, blaming ‘lazy devs’ for failing to address the recent influx of players using all kinds of tricks to gain an unfair advantage over the opposition.

Now ranked play is out in the open, players claim the cheating situation is worse than ever, which is far from ideal.

Warzone 2 cheaters continue ruining matches

According to Reddit user FlashisSpeed, Warzone 2 is “ever more infested with cheating,” and claims the developers aren’t doing enough to deter them.

“The devs and player base do absolutely nothing about it. Especially console players,” says the frustrated player. Other members of the community are in agreement. “You’re not wrong. What’s been good about it though is these cheaters are getting banned in ranked,” comments one user.

It’s always going to be impossible to stop all cheaters from impacting Warzone 2 matches and it seems like FlashisSpeed’s claim is slightly out of proportion, especially when other players are actively watching the anti-cheat intervene when a hacker is impacting a match.

There’s always more Activision and the developers can do to decrease the number of hackers and with Season 4 on the horizon, there’s a high chance further measures are implemented alongside the new content on its way.

If players do spot a potential cheater, always use the in-game reporting system to stop them from causing chaos in Al Mazrah and Ashika Island once and for all.

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