Warzone 2 fans list changes devs must make to fix the game

Warzone 2 player firing gun and Warzone 2 player using parachute
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 player firing gun and Warzone 2 player using parachute
Credit: Activision

The current state of Warzone 2 is a hot topic of conversation among players dropping into Call of Duty’s battle royale. Although Infinity Ward and Raven Software applies regular updates to the game, there are still numerous issues impacting players.

With Season Two Reloaded on the horizon, content creators claim Warzone 2 is a “laughing stock” of the battle royale genre due to game-breaking bugs that cause players to disappear inside buy stations.

It’s not just bugs and glitches frustrating the community. Some fans have created a list of issues that developers need to fix in order for Warzone 2 to escape its own gulag.

Players want devs to make Warzone 2 great again

After playing plenty of matches on Al Mazrah and Ashika Island, Reddit user j0nny27 suggests a list of adjustments that can rescue Warzone 2 from the constant barrage of criticism.

Changes include adjustments to the lightning-fast time to kill, quicker animations, and better communication from the development team making the changes. “Everything should be actioned faster and comms need to improve,” says the fan.

Tweaking the time to kill isn’t a new issue in the world of Warzone. During the Pacific era, Raven Software increased base health levels and it worked. Applying a similar change to Warzone 2 has the potential to rectify one of the bigger gripes of the community.

Although fans want a longer time to kill, many also want the return of sniper rifles that can score kills with a single bullet. “The art of sniping took a dive with this game,” reports J0nny27 and their lack of firepower is the main reason why snipers no longer dominate long-distance duels.

Raven Software often listens to community feedback and there’s every chance it’s made plenty of notes before another batch of changes arrives in the mid-season update. But, what happens if Season Two Reloaded doesn’t contain the adjustments fans want?

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