Warzone 2 fan showcases off-meta loadout dominating matches

Warzone 2 off-meta loadout
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 off-meta loadout
Credit: Activision

In order to achieve success in a Warzone 2 match, utilising guns and weapons that feature in the meta is a surefire way of scoring plenty of kills in Al Mazrah and on Ashika Island. Thanks to the extensive arsenal of weaponry, there’s plenty of choice before dropping into the action.

With Raven Software and Infinity Ward continuing to apply buffs and nerfs to influence the meta, the best guns change on a regular basis but there are some areas of the arsenal that never receive any kind of changes.

When looking outside of the meta, one fan has uncovered a loadout that has a huge impact thanks to its impressive versatility.

Uncovered by Reddit user baby-papillon, the player has managed to unlock the Crossbow ahead of time and is using it to gain the upper hand over the opposition.

Alongside the Crossbow, the player opts for the Basilisk revolver as a secondary weapon for some close-quarters firepower. The player describes the combination as a “good time,” but some members of the community aren’t convinced.

“Not gonna lie, that looks like an awful time,” comments one user. On the other hand, the possibility of using such an unusual combination looks like plenty of fun. The Crossbow may not have featured in the meta before, but its high-velocity bolts are more than capable of breaking armour in mid-range and long-distance fights.

Previous iterations of the Crossbow in Warzone have proven effective. Once explosive bolts were equipped, they could down an opponent in a single shot which is something no weapon can do in Season Two thanks to the weapon balancing. Although this particular loadout is unconventional, we’re certainly looking forward to giving it a test drive.

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