Warzone 2 AI is coming to Ashika Island and players are furious

The Terminator and a soldier in Warzone 2.
Credit: Activision / Orion Pictures

The Terminator and a soldier in Warzone 2.
Credit: Activision / Orion Pictures

The arrival of AI in Warzone 2 continues to split the opinions of players dropping into Call of Duty’s battle royale. On one hand, the additional combatants provide a unique experience but on the other, it becomes a major inconvenience when attempting to become the last player standing.

As Season Two continues to progress, fans are enjoying the Ashika Island Resurgence map and the lack of AI it features. However, the days of AI not appearing on the island are numbered.

Developer Raven Software has revealed Ashika Island will contain AI, much to the annoyance of fans enjoying the faster pace of play with minimal interference.

Why is Ashika Island getting AI?

On February 22, Raven Software confirmed AI is arriving on the island as part of the new Search and Seizure contract. The task involves players hunting down vehicles and delivering the drop-off point without AI stopping their progression.

The developer reiterates that AI will only spawn when a contract is active, but the news hasn’t gone down well with members of the community. “Can AI please stop being their top concern at this point?” questions Reddit user Nintendo_Pro_03. “Other things need improving.”

Ashika Island is already crowded with several squads dropping in all at once. The arrival of AI, even if it’s only present for a limited time, has the potential to disrupt a map where space is already at a premium. “I really dislike PvE being injected into PvP modes,” comments another disgruntled fan. “PvE combined with PvP should be DMZ only.”

Considering there’s plenty of backlash surrounding Ashika Island AI making its way to the map, there’s always a small possibility Raven Software decides to backtrack on its decision in order to maintain a smooth gameplay experience. We’ve already seen the return of the 1v1 gulag and major looting changes, so the chances of AI disappearing shortly after their arrival is there.

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