Ubisoft to Diverge from Reliance on AAA Titles

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Ubisoft wants to move away from its current reliance on AAA games and titles. Alternatively, they want to focus more on free-to-play titles and it's current releases for a source of revenue.

Ubisoft has already announced their plans for 2022, but they plan to make big changes after that year. We already have a host of titles to be excited for (e.g. Farcry 6), but will these new changes affect the release of these new games?

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Upcoming Releases

Right now, we know of a few games that Ubisoft plans to release in the next year. This includes Farcry 6, Rainbow Six Quarantine and Skull and Bones, and many more!

Fortunately, these won't be affected by Ubisoft's new plans and are still expected to release within the next year. However, there are still concerns over the DLC (Downloadable Content) and post-launch content for these games.

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We would hope to see Ubisoft continue to create new content for these games after their launch.

Future Plans 

Ubisoft plans to make changes to it's AAA focused model in 2022.

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Luckily, this won't affect the release of games like Rainbow 6 Quarantine and Farcry 6, but we will see a decline in these games after Ubisoft implements this new plan.

We will be getting more free-to-play titles like the upcoming Assassin's Creed mobile game. This is the start of Ubisoft's move to make more mobile and free-to-play content.

There has also been no mention of Hyperscape, Ubisoft's FPS battle royale. The game is currently undergoing a massive overhaul and will hopefully be updated shortly.

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But how does this affect the games we play at the moment?

Current Games?

Rainbow Six Siege is currently Ubisoft's biggest competitive title.

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The game has seen a massive increase over the last year, with 15 million new players! Siege has now hit over 70 Million total players since its launch almost 6 years ago!

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Ubisoft wants to use these current games like Rainbow 6 Siege as a form of revenue, meaning we may be getting new DLC or remasters for old games.

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