Rainbow Six Siege Operation Neon Dawn Countdown: Aruni Operator Release Time, Gadget, Map Rework, Balancing And More


Ubisoft has dropped the new season TODAY, December 1.

Check out the tweet below for the downtime schedule:

🛠Y5S4 Maintenance🛠The Y5S4 Operation Neon Dawn patch will be deployed tomorrow December 1st for all platforms.Platform: PCTime: 08:00 EDT / 13:00 UTCPlatform: PSTime: 09:00 EDT / 14:00 UTCPlatform: XBTime: 11:00 EDT / 16:00 UTC⏲Approx' Downtime: 1 Hour pic.twitter.com/BV9hAf8FDm
— Rainbow Six Siege (@Rainbow6Game)
November 30, 2020

The patch comes in at 60GB on Steam and Uplay, with almost 40GB needed on Xbox and PlayStation.

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Rainbow Six Siege has quietly become one of this console generation's finest shooters, with Ubisoft building from a barebones launch to an ever-evolving tactical shooter which accommodates plenty of playstyles.

Operation Neon Dawn is set to close out the game's fifth year of content, and it'll offer a new Operator known as Aruni, as well as plenty more.

Here's everything we know ahead of the big reveal.

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Rainbow Six Operation Neon Dawn Reveal Details

Reveal Time

Operation Neon Dawn is going to be revealed with a Twitch stream, and it'll kick off at 4 PM GMT.

Check out Ubisoft's tweet below:

Don't miss the full Operation Neon Dawn reveal tomorrow LIVE at 11:00 AM EST at https://t.co/q7A3z2vvlE! pic.twitter.com/pu5PE0kITg
— Rainbow Six Siege (@Rainbow6Game)
November 7, 2020

New Operator and Gadget

While Operation Shadow Legacy added Zero as an attacker, Neon Dawn will add Aruni as a new defensive Operator, hailing from Thailand.

Aruni has a P10 submachine gun or an MK 14 EBR rifle to choose from, as well as a PRB92 handgun and the choice between a proximity alarm and barbed wire.

"Can you take the heat?" she asks in the reveal below, suggesting they'll do damage as players move through them.

Aruni, a new Defender, is coming to #RainbowSixSiege and she's bringing the heat. 🔥 Tune in during the EU Major to watch the full Operation Neon Dawn reveal live at https://t.co/q7A3z2vvlE. pic.twitter.com/KfM6YsGYQJ
— Rainbow Six Siege (@Rainbow6Game)
November 4, 2020

Map Rework

Each of the Year 5 seasons has offered a map rework as Ubisoft continues to refine Siege's pool of existing content, and it looks as though Neon Dawn will be the same.

While an early Roadmap promised Skyscraper would see a rework in Operation Shadow Legacy, it was actually Chalet that saw sizeable changes, despite being scheduled for what we now know to be Operation Neon Dawn.

That suggests that the map could be getting a rework in the upcoming season, although we're yet to find out for sure.

Balance Changes

Every season makes changes to Operator abilities, weapons and more, so expect Neon Dawn to do the same.

We'll be sure to cover the full balance changes as soon as we know what they entail.

Quality of Life/Game Mechanic Changes

Something that surprised many players during Operation Shadow Legacy was the development team's commitment to making changes to existing mechanics.

For example, players now have a pool of reinforcements that can be used by an entire team, rather than a set number for each Operator, as well as changes across every scope in the game.

That earlier roadmap we mentioned makes note of more "Core Gameplay and Reworks" coming in this season, and we can't wait to see what Ubisoft has up its sleeve.

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