Elden Ring mind control streamer is now trying to master Halo using their brain

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Some characters from Halo Infinite alongside Perrikaryal.
Credit: 343 Industries/Perrikaryal.

Many of Twitch’s biggest streamers are currently busy playing new releases like Baldur’s Gate 3 or preparing to get up to all kinds of intergalactic antics in Starfield, once they get their hands on it.

After all, if people aren’t there to produce meme-worthy reactions to everything that Bethesda’s space adventure has to offer and probably spend hours doing very mean things to the Adoring Fan while the rest of us watch, what will we all do with our lives?

Currently however, the streamer responsible for one of Elden Ring’s most interesting challenge runs is taking on a task that doesn’t involve any of the litany of great RPGs currently in the news cycle, having decided to see how they can do in an FPS while using their mind to control the action.

Do you think you could earn a positive K/D ratio using your mind?

You might remember the creator in question, Perrikaryal, from their run through The Lands Between earlier this year, which saw them use an EEG headset that measured brain activity as a controller.

They’ve been trying their hand at some different games over the past few months, including an attempt to conquer Only Up using just their eyes, and now, in their most recent streams, they’ve begun taking on the challenge of trying to master Halo Infinite using their EEG controls.

This is the first time they’ve taken on an FPS using the scheme and, unsurprisingly, given the incredibly quick reactions and fluid movement shooters require, Perrikaryal has acknowledged that this constitutes “the hardest mind control challenge [they've] done yet.”

Having revealed that they’re starting with Infinite, before moving on to either Apex Legends or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, because they’re already familiar with it, they kicked things off by jumping into some clashes against bots and training drills.

In order to shoot foes, Perrikaryal chose to rely on thinking about pushing a block, while imagining spinning some plates would cause their character to jump, with many of the other inputs requiring similarly unorthodox actions or movements.

Naturally, the streamer ended up dying a lot, finishing up the session by exasperatedly quipping: “[Infinite] was meant to be the easy one,” before admitting that it had turned out to be just as difficult as they’d anticipated.


That said, they’re sticking with the challenge, with some more brain-based FPS action currently (as of writing) taking place as part of today’s stream, so hopefully they come out of the second session feeling slightly better about things.

Regardless of whether you’re now trying to work out if your Warzone or Modern Warfare 2 stats would improve if you were using your mind to control the action, make sure to follow us for more coverage of interesting streamers.

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