Twitch streamer takes on Only Up using just their eyes to control the action

Perrikaryal alongside some pipes in Only Up.
Credit: SCKR Games and Perrikaryal.

Perrikaryal alongside some pipes in Only Up.
Credit: SCKR Games and Perrikaryal.

While many streamers are currently busy playing big new releases like Diablo 4, a less highly-anticipated title has also been getting a lot of attention on Twitch and YouTube recently.

The game in question, Only Up, challenges players to climb up piles of precariously placed objects in a manner that often leads to frustrating falls. Naturally, the kinds of people who’ve already beaten Elden Ring using Bop-Its and dance pads love it.

In order to add a bizarre twist to their efforts to climb to victory, some of these challenge-loving creators have been trying out some very unorthodox ways of controlling their character. The latest of these efforts involves an eye tracker and is definitely a must-see!

Can you see yourself managing to beat Only Up using just your eyes?

The streamer behind this eye-wateringly difficult run is Perrikaryal, whom you might remember reading about earlier this year, when they carved their way through The Lands Between using an EEG headset that measured brain activity as a controller.

While they wait for the arrival of some essential bits and bobs that’ll allow them to start a hands-free run through that game, they’ve been branching out a bit, taking on a range of different games using similar control schemes.

As such, having previously had a quick go at the game as part of a stream aptly titled ‘What Is True Pain?’ in their latest broadcast, they dedicated a more substantial amount of time to taking on the game using eye tracking software.

“I just think this could be a really fun thing to do,” Perrikaryal quipped before jumping into the run, which saw them trigger their character to move in different directions by looking at specific spots on the screen.

Having admitted that success would hinge on exercising self control to avoid having their gaze drawn by things in the environment, the streamer managed some pretty impressive pipe running and rooftop parkour, punctuated by a number of falls, before calling it a day.

That said, they’ve still got a bit of a way to go to catch fellow streamer gv_mimi, whose run through the game using a recorder seems to be progressing at a pretty rapid pace.

Regardless of how many times you’ve fallen to the ground in Only Up so far, make sure to follow us for more coverage of some interesting streamers and guides to the game.

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