Street Fighter 6 fan outlines ten key pieces of advice that’ll help you enjoy the game more

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Some characters battling in Street Fighter 6.
Credit: Capcom.

With Street Fighter 6 set to arrive in just a couple of days time, fans of fighting games are already limbering up for the cascade of power-filled punch-ups and beefy brawls that they’ll be diving into once they get their hands on it.

Some are preparing by reading as many reviews of the game as possible, deciding which character they'd like to main this time around, or jumping back into Street Fighter 5 to make sure their well-honed combo-pressing muscle memory hasn’t deteriorated.

Meanwhile, one prospective player on Reddit has decided to dip into the well of wisdom they’ve gained from years of battling their way through the series and provide some advice that might help you have a bit more fun during your time with its next entry.

What advice would you give to those planning on jumping into Street Fighter 6 as soon as it arrives?

The grappling-based guidance of this grizzled gladiator, user Encore41, can be found in a recent thread on the subreddit r/StreetFighter, which they kicked off by declaring: “With Street Fighter 6 dropping in a few days, I [thought] it would be beneficial for [people to have] some positive points to remember going into launch.”

They then provided ten pieces of advice aimed at helping scrappers of all experience levels maintain “a healthy mindset” towards the fighting game experience that “can make the difference between needlessly beating yourself up or having the time of your life.”

Among their list of helpful tips were a number encouraging people to adopt a patient and constructive attitude towards improving their battle skills, be mindful of how their playing habits might affect other players as well as their own health and to try out all of the characters on offer, rather than putting too much stock in community tier lists to determine their main.

Their fellow pugilists seemed to agree that these pointers would prove useful in helping people avoid frustration, with user jbwmac, for example responding: “[Your] point about expecting to lose [fights] is especially important. Win rate is meaningless and says more about who you choose to challenge than anything.”

Meanwhile, user Pneuma928 suggested: “You forgot one…don’t get salty! You will lose, you will be met with toxic experiences online, such as excessive taunting and tea-bagging, lag might cause a ranked match loss, but no matter what, don’t get bitter. If you feel yourself slipping, take a break for a while and come back."

Regardless of how you’re planning to defeat the inevitable frustration that’ll occasionally set in as you punch and kick your way through Street Fighter 6’s world tour mode, make sure to follow us for coverage of it and an array of guides to Diablo 4, which is also set to arrive this week.

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