Street Fighter 6 fans outline which currently unannounced series veteran characters they definitely want to return

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Some Street Fighter 6 characters brawling.
Credit: Capcom.

With Street Fighter 6 set to arrive in just a few days' time, fans of fighting games are already limbering up for the cascade of power-filled punch-ups and beefy brawls that they’ll be diving into once they get their hands on it.

Some are likely preparing by reading as many reviews of the game as possible or jumping back into Street Fighter 5 to make sure their well-honed combo pressing muscle memory hasn’t deteriorated.

Meanwhile, others look to be more focused on the cast of characters that they’ll be able to dish out damage as, with some on Reddit having composed a wish list of currently unannounced battlers they’re hoping will be on offer at some point in the full game.

Who are you planning to main in Street Fighter 6?

Their combatant-based cravings can be found in a recent thread on the subreddit r/StreetFighter, which user endlessbolt kicked off by asking: “Which [established Street Fighter] character would you [most] like to return [in Street Fighter 6] and why?”

They then added their own answer, saying: “I'd say G because of how popular he has become, with Dudley, Oro, and Birdie right behind him.”

Despite a host of popular characters like Ryu, Chun-Li and Guile already being confirmed, the fans in the thread had no trouble adding an entire tournament’s worth of names to endlessbolt’s list, with the likes of Hakan, Q and Crimson Viper all receiving highly-upvoted comments that got straight to the point.

Meanwhile, some users provided a bit more detail regarding the reasons behind their picks, with AshenRathian describing Sagat as not just their main, but their “guiding spirit in the road to betterment” and D3xidus suggesting: “[Given how] crispy as Gief looks in this game, I'm confident they can give [my main] Hugo a similar glow-up.”

Among those receiving love from multiple fans was Makoto, with user Blaughable arguing that, beyond her ability to rock a farmer’s garb, she'd be an interesting addition because of her fun and explosive fighting style.

Meanwhile, user TrueBlue726 went for another character that’s beloved by Street Fighter veterans, saying: “I've stated [this] many times but what the [heck], my most requested character will continue to be Fei Long. It's Bruce Lee for crying out loud. He should be a staple in all fighting games. He's also one of the oldest characters in Street Fighter, and deserves to return after taking a hiatus in V.”

Regardless of who you're planning to main as you punch and kick your way through Street Fighter 6’s world tour mode, make sure to follow us for coverage of it and an array of guides to Diablo 4, which is also set to arrive this week.

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