Skyrim streamer spices up Dark Brotherhood speedrun by making cheese wheels spawn in every second

Some cheese wheels and Cicero from the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim.

Some cheese wheels and Cicero from the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim.

Those who love Skyrim have done a pretty miraculous job of finding ways to continually evolve, expand and reinvigorate their playthroughs in the years since the game was first released.

Many on PC have done so by downloading mods, which can change the Bethesda RPG by adding the likes of massive new questlines, redesigned mechanics, and luxurious spas to it, with a few even going as far as gifting Vampire Lords a plethora of new powers or giving you the chance to become high priest of your own temple.

Though, sometimes the easiest ways to have fun in Tamriel involve making a change to the game that’s a little more simple and silly, as streamer and YouTuber DougDoug has just proven with a pretty bizarre speedrun attempt.

Have you ever tried to complete a speedrun this chaotic in Skyrim?

While they’ve also recently taken on some interesting Mario Maker and Elden Ring challenges, DougDoug also has plenty of experience doing strange things in Skyrim, having previously tried to speedrun it while allowing his Twitch chat to spawn in a barrage of different objects and creatures.

The streamer’s latest broadcast of the game features an equally chaotic premise, with them having set up a script that would ensure all of the game’s NPCs would have cheese wheels spawn under them at periodically increasing volumes every in-game second, making the stream’s goal of trying to speedrun the Dark Brotherhood quest line a lot less straightforward.

Having declared: “The question is, can the game handle this? Maybe!” and tried to set up some code that would keep track of the number of cheese wheels spawned in at any given time, the streamer eventually got started on their run, which immediately became an urgent dash to get to objectives before the number of cheese wheels being added to the world caused the game to crash.

DougDoug then played through a surreal version of the intro sequence that saw NPCs constantly rising up upon exponentially-growing cheese wheel towers, finally escaping Helgen and setting off on a quest to kill Grelod the Kind.

Soon, they’d made it to an increasingly cheese-filled Dark Brotherhood sanctuary, but soon ran into difficulty in Markarth, with the game rapidly beginning to crack under the cheese wheel strain.

Sadly, it properly broke not long after DougDoug received the quest to kill Alain Dufont, but the stream wasn’t quite over yet, with the streamer having decided to see how high a cheese tower the game could spawn under an NPC without them falling off.

The answer, as it turned out, was around 24 wheels, which DougDoug seemed pretty convinced would be a cheese tower record.

Regardless of whether your Dragonborn is now watching a strange dairy-based competition take place right in front of them, make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the interesting world of Skyrim modding. You can also check out our mods of the month for March 2023.

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