Resident Evil 4 Remake mod adds floating damage numbers to enemies

Damage numbers popping up in the Resident Evil 4 Remake.
Credit: Capcom/GreenComfyTea on Nexus Mods.

Damage numbers popping up in the Resident Evil 4 Remake.
Credit: Capcom/GreenComfyTea on Nexus Mods.

With the remake of Resident Evil 4 having arrived late last month, it’s still a great time to be a horror game buff in search of something to play with the lights off and scare yourself silly.

Some of these fearless fans are currently getting their fright fix by setting the game to the highest difficulty possible, picking out their favourite weapon and setting off on a quest to achieve 100% completion, but others are seeking out other interesting ways to spice up their playthroughs.

One way to do just that is by downloading mods, which can add the likes of the Super Mario brothers or a mouse version of Ashley to the game, or, in the case of a new mod that’s just arrived on the Nexus, allow you to see exactly how much damage you’re doing to its bloodthirsty enemies.

Have you ever wanted to know exactly how much punishment you’re dishing out during the Resident Evil 4 Remake’s frenetic firefights?

The mod in question is called ‘Damage Numbers’ and is the work of modder GreenComfyTea. Some of their previous projects have made a number of great quality-of-life changes to Monster Hunter Rise.

This time, though, they’ve developed a script that overlays floating numbers onto the action in order to show off the exact amount of damage being dealt by hits, ensuring that you don’t have to rely as heavily on the ‘double-tap’ strategy from the Zombieland movies.

These destruction-based digits are designed to perfectly alongside another of their existing works, ‘Health Bars’, a massively popular mod that adds health bars to the areas just above enemies’ heads.

With both on the go, you’ll be able to enjoy what GreenComfyTea describes as “the full ‘modern gaming experience’”, though they suggest that you do at least one vanilla playthrough of the game before installing, so you’ve had the chance to experience the game the way its developers intended.

Though, how and when the mod’s numbers appear can seemingly be tweaked a little via an in-game menu, allowing you to tailor things like their appearance duration and whether they pop up during cutscenes to suit your personal preferences.

However, before you can do any of that, you’ll first need to grab praydog2’s ‘REFramework’ and cursecat’s ‘REFramework Direct2D’ in order to get things up and running as intended.

Regardless of whether you’re now enjoying a Resi experience enhanced by the horrors of quick maths, make sure to check out our massive array of helpful guides and updates on DLC for the Resident Evil 4 Remake.

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