No More Heroes 3 Trailer Introduces Travis' New Frenemies

Nintendo and Marvelous released a new No More Heroes 3 trailer highlighting a few additional characters and giving an all-too-brief look at the No More Heroes 3 story.

It starts with Travis, looking a bit worse for wear, hearing a commotion outside his apartment and reluctantly investigating.

A new alien threat approaches, but Travis isn’t alone.

By his side are two newcomers, Shinobu Jacobs, former foe turned loyal sidekick, and Bad Girl, self-proclaimed psychopath who’s favorite hobby is murdering people with a baseball bat.

Bad Girl is technically supposed to be done, but it’s No More Heroes, so the explanation for why she’s alive doesn’t really matter anyway.

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No More Heroes 3 Trailer Introduces Travis' New Frenemies

The premise behind No More Heroes 3 is another assassins’ competition.

This time, the stakes are higher, though.

Travis must face off against other assassins and a new alien foe in a contest that could determine the fate of the world and the entire galaxy.

No More Heroes 1 and No More Heroes 2 are both available on Nintendo Switch, but as Sylvia the NMH mascot says in the trailer, you don’t really need to know what’s been going on.

Just destroy aliens.

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