New World Isn't Getting Controller Support

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Amazon has confirmed that at this time, they don't have plans to implement controller support for their upcoming MMO, New World.

Following news that New World's global launch got delayed from August until September 28th, one player, Brian Torsey asked whether New World includes controller support. As spotted by Can I Play That, Amazon's reply was pretty blunt, stating "There is no controller support currently planned for New World."

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New World Isn't Getting Controller Support

Notably, this question was asked in a response to a tweet from March, where Amazon confirmed the opposite. Stating "controller support is planned for launch", it seems plans have changed without any public notice since then. However, they've separately advised that "all of the game's inputs are re-bindable and are compatible with most accessibility control devices."


We've been seeing some mixed messages these last few months, though third-party options seem to be available. Back in July, Amazon confirmed to one user that there's “options with third-party software if you really want to play with a gamepad.” Hopefully we'll get more clarity soon.

Source: TheGamer via Can I Play That