Modern Warfare 2 glitch sends players to the shadow realm

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Screenshot of Modern Warfare 2 player stuck underneath the map and Modern Warfare 2 player sprinting and holding assault rifle
Credit: Activision

Over the course of three and a half seasons, Modern Warfare 2 players have experienced their fair share of game-breaking bugs and glitches. In Season 3 Reloaded, new issues are continuing to arise, despite the best efforts of Infinity Ward.

Ahead of Season 4, the developer published the May 24 patch notes, which included a variety of bug fixes in order to iron out any major problems impacting players.

Despite this, the latest glitch ding the rounds within the community is seeing players completely disappear underneath the map, leaving them stuck in the shadow realm and scuppering a fair few killstreaks.

Modern Warfare 2 under-map glitch ruining matches

To spread awareness of the issue, Reddit user bivshtex007 has showcased how they managed to end up within the abyss instead of in amongst the action.

The fan “really glitched” and “got sent to the backrooms” instead of exploring the building they had entered. Since the first reports of the issue surfaced, some other members of the community have taken similar trips to the shadow realm and believe they’ve possibly found what's causing them. “I have constant connection problems despite having good, fast, and stable internet,” explains another user, who has recently returned from one of these sojourns underneath the map.

If fans aren’t disappearing mid-game, they’re being punished in ranked matches due to constant game crashes, deducting SR and causing them to drop down the ranks. With constant issues, many are hoping Season 4's arrival will act as a clean slate and address these issues once and for all.

There’s a strong possibility the developer is aware of the problem and is hard at work applying a fix to prevent players from vanishing unexpectedly. At the moment, there’s no workaround so we recommend keeping an eye on any connectivity issues that could book a one-way ticket into the shadow realm.

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