Modern Warfare 2 sniper audio resembles Kelis’s Milkshake

Image showing Call of Duty player holding sniper and Kelis looking at milkshake
Credit: Activision / Star Trak Records

During the development of Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward spent plenty of time recording a variety of noises to guarantee an immersive in-game experience. A recent intel drop from the developer reveals the process of standing near exploding grenades, helicopters taking off, and getting close to gunfire in order to capture audio for the new game.

Audio is a crucial element of any Call of Duty game. Players can use gunfire to determine the location of an opponent or listen out for any nearby footsteps from enemies navigating their way around the map.

During the beta weekends, one player noticed the audio from one sniper rifle heavily resembles the introduction of Milkshake by R&B artist Kelis.

Musical snipers in Modern Warfare 2

Discovered by Call of Duty content creator “ItsTomographic,” the Signal 50 sniper rifle’s semi-automatic firing mechanism sounds scarily similar to Kelis’s 2003 smash hit. After listening to it, the similarities are crystal-clear.

With over 12k Twitter likes, the majority of the Call of Duty community can spot the resemblance much to their amusement. Twitter user @EliteNGHTMRE suggests Infinity Ward should create a milkshakes weapon blueprint to cement the discovery in Call of Duty history.

It’s not just the weapon arsenal that sounds like musical masterpieces. @RhysChewy says the voice lines from one operator sound like Eminem and after hearing it a few times, is the real slim shady in Modern Warfare 2?

The sound of the Signal 50 pairing with Milkshake is purely coincidental but it does make you wonder if there are any other weapons that share any similarities to other noughties bangers. Will the unlikely crossover lead to Kelis appearing in Modern Warfare 2 as an operator? Only time will tell.

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