Modern Warfare 2 leak claims familiar face could be returning in Season 4

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Screenshot showing Modern Warfare 2 aiming down scope of sniper rifle and portrait of Nikto Operator from Modern Warfare 2019.
Credit: Activision

There are plenty of Modern Warfare 2 Operators to choose from before you drop into multiplayer. Ranging from the original members of Task Force 141 to more recent additions such as Valeria, players can cosplay as their favourite heroes and villains with ease.

As the start of Season 4 approaches, various leaks are causing the rumour mill to churn once more. While some members of the community are leaning into this and wishing for the likes of Taylor Swift to arrive as a playable character, others simply want better ways to deal with false accusations of hacking.

The latest leak claims a popular Operator from 2019’s Modern Warfare could be on its way back to multiplayer, in addition to another new arrival.

A familiar Modern Warfare face could be returning to Modern Warfare 2

According to various leakers, Nikto will arrive in Season 4 as one of two Operators available to unlock in multiplayer and Warzone 2.

Alongside Nikto is Hadir, the brother of Farah, who’s joined forces with Captain Price and Gaz as they attempt to uncover the connection between the Al Qatala faction and the enigmatic Perseus from the Black Ops series.

Judging by the opinions of fans, they’re not too bothered by the arrival of Hadir. One Twitter user says “no one cares about Hadir,” while others continue to express their excitement surrounding the return of Nikto.

Nikto first arrived during the first season of 2019’s Modern Warfare under the Allegiance faction, quickly becoming popular due to his masked appearance and ability to blend into darker areas of the map.

The arrival of Nikto points towards a Soviet presence within the Modern Warfare 2 story, which continues to progress with the arrival of new raids. Information on the fourth raid remains a mystery, but we expect it to either start laying the foundations for the story’s conclusion or begin teasing what the Modern Warfare 3 campaign has in store.


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