Creative Modern Warfare 2 fan builds Taylor Swift Operator

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Screenshot of Modern Warfare 2 Ghost aiming down sights of gun and fan-made Modern Warfare 2 Taylor Swift Operator holding a gun
Credit: Activision / u/JimJamSandwich

Throughout the Call of Duty franchise, there are all kinds of celebrity collaborations, which often involve the famous face in question appearing as a playable Operator. In Season 3 Reloaded for Modern Warfare 2, NBA icon Kevin Durant dropped into the action, much to the confusion of fans.

With Season 4 moving into view, there’s every chance other sporting stars and faces from the red carpet make an appearance in multiplayer. We’ve already seen the likes of Neymar and Lionel Messi, who could be next?

One member of the community strongly believes it should be Taylor Swift, having gone as far as creating a render to demonstrate how the singer would look in-game.

A Modern Warfare 2 Taylor Swift Operator?

In a bid to win over other players with the idea, Reddit user JimJamSandwich has managed to add Taylor’s head onto the body of an Operator, passionately demanding: “Why is Taylor not an Operator yet?”

While they may want to see her in multiplayer, there are several Modern Warfare 2 fans that aren’t keen on the idea. “There’s plenty of time to delete this,” comments one user that doesn’t want Taylor Swift anywhere near the Call of Duty franchise.

On the other hand, adding the world-famous pop star into the game as a playable character isn’t as farfetched as some fans think. “This is no different to adding Messi, Kevin Durant, and all the others imo,” replies another member of the community.

So far, the Modern Warfare 2 cycle has seen characters inspired by everything from world-class footballers to Shredder from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles take to the battlefield, so why not add Taylor Swift into the mix? Of course, the chances of Taylor dishing out some bad blood in multiplayer are low but as we’ve seen before, stranger things have happened in the Call of Duty universe.

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