Modern Warfare 2 player creates simple fix for broken UI

Image showing Modern Warfare 2 night vision goggles and Ghost
Credit: Activision

Following the end of the Modern Warfare 2 beta, players were quick to share their feedback on Infinity Ward’s latest multiplayer offering. While many credited the improved map design, topics ranging from the fast time to kill (TTK) and red dots appearing on the mini-map were causes of concern.

In addition to the concerns, the clunky user interface (UI) frustrated those attempting to navigate through the menu and access the reworked Gunsmith. With Infinity Ward sticking to its guns on the TTK and the mini-map, the chances of a UI overhaul remain a mystery.

Rather than waiting for the developer to take action, one player has created an alternative to the current UI in a bid to improve the experience.

An alternative Modern Warfare 2 UI

Instead of using a UI from the previous Call of Duty titles, the team behind Modern Warfare 2 went in a different direction in a bid to inject a breath of fresh air into the menus. Rather than improving it, the menus are confusing to navigate.

As part of their feedback, Reddit user “miserable_student” shares a screenshot of a reworked UI replacing the complex menu with clear and concise boxes and an overview of the highlighted loadout.

As expected, several members of the community approved of the new design that’s optimised for controller and PC use rather than mobile. “UI was the worst thing about the beta,” comments one user.

The demand for an improved UI is clearly there but with such a short window between the end of the beta and the full release of the game, is there any time for Infinity Ward to overhaul the new UI and reinstate a more familiar layout? Thankfully, it’s not long before we see if the developer acknowledges the feedback.

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