Modern Warfare 2 fans request much-needed ranked play feature

Modern Warfare 2 player holding gun in ranked play outfit
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 player holding gun in ranked play outfit
Credit: Activision

The arrival of ranked play in Modern Warfare 2 injected a breath of fresh air into Infinity Ward’s latest release. Armed with ranks to reflect the skill of players dropping into the same maps and modes used in the Call of Duty League (CDL), it’s no surprise to see the mode proving popular.

Heading into the early stages of Season Two Reloaded, the mode has its flaws that often cause disruption even before a match has already started. Despite this, fans still rate Modern Warfare 2 as one of the best Call of Duty titles from the last five years.

With the rules and regulations constantly changing, there’s one heavily-requested feature many believe will provide major improvements to an already solid mode.

How to improve Modern Warfare 2 ranked play

Suggested by Reddit user pittbullblue, adding an option to reconnect to a match would compensate for unintentional crashes from disrupting the action. “There is quite literally no reason for there not to be a reconnect option.”

The crashes result in quitting penalties and a reduction in skill rating (SR) which is hugely frustrating for those on the verge of entering the next skill division. “Just keep losing SR for nothing because the game is broken. Why wasn’t this implemented to begin with?” questions the user.

Judging by the comments, many ranked play fans believe the lack of a reconnect option is down to Infinity Ward not wanting to support one of its most popular modes. “There is a reason, it’s incompetence,” comments one fan.

On the other hand, some believe the developer has opted to focus on other areas after it’s managed to maximise the competitive community to its fullest. “I think they’ve just realised they’ve hit peak market exploitation,” suggests another player. “When that is the case, why bother improving the game?”

Although the demand for a reconnect option in ranked play is high, it’s unclear if Infinity Ward will acknowledge community feedback and introduce a feature that allows disconnected players to return to action.

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