What's the best Call of Duty from the last five years?

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Black Ops Cold War player firing gun and Modern Warfare 2 Ghost
Credit: Activision
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Discussing which is the best Call of Duty title always generates plenty of debate from fans of Activision’s shooter franchise. Whether it’s Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2, or another option, players always have their favourites.

Ahead of the Season Two Reloaded update, members of the community are discussing which is the best release from the past five years. During this time, Call of Duty revived Modern Warfare, headed to the Cold War, and even launched on mobile devices.


With thousands of players picking their favourites, there’s one resounding winner and considering its competition, it’s hardly surprising.

The best CoD from the past five years

To kick off the discussion, Reddit user chinos88 created a poll with six options for fans to vote on and with over eight thousand votes submitted, 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot took home the majority of votes with over half the votes claiming the game is the best one from the last half-decade.


While there are a few CoD Mobile fans sharing their support, there’s one underlying factor that puts Modern Warfare ahead of the competition. “MW19 bought me back after so many years,” reveals one fan. Others rank the game over Modern Warfare 2 due to its superior content and faster pace of play. “MW19 just felt like a complete game. MW2 is just a broken game that’s slowly being fixed.”

An honourable mention has to go to Treyarch’s Black Ops Cold War. Thrown into the deep end in the midst of a pandemic, the developer delivered a polished title packed with content and numerous crossovers that injected a breath of fresh air whenever the game felt like it was growing stale. Not to mention the presence of a Zombies mode acting as the perfect alternative to multiplayer.

Despite the immense success of CoD Mobile, the game only received 166 votes but it’s still more than the 156 Vanguard ended up with. The less said about Call of Duty’s latest trip to World War 2, the better.


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