Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 fans demand overhaul of core gameplay feature

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Screenshot of Modern Warfare 2 player aiming down sights of a gun in firing range and Modern Warfare 2 player sitting on a helicopter pointing a gun downwards
Credit: Activision

The launch of Modern Warfare 2 in November 2022 saw numerous innovations made to the established Call of Duty formula. From adjustments to the structure of the battle pass to unique weapon progressions, these changes quickly split the opinion of players dropping into the action.

With Season 4 now underway, one frustrating bug has recently been causing Operators to levitate in the pre-game lobby, while players are also patiently waiting for Infinity Ward to fix a broken perk that's impacting their multiplayer experience.

A new season always brings plenty of new content, but one player is desperate for a complete overhaul of a core feature that’s integral for determining the best loadouts.

A Modern Warfare 2 firing range overhaul?

Reddit user 4thEchelonBro believes Infinity Ward needs to adjust the firing range in order to accommodate long-distance weapon categories, such as marksman and sniper rifles.

The player says: “It’s nice to go into the firing range to test out the different attachments for your gun. My only complaint, however, is that it doesn’t have (a) long-range (section) for snipers.”

It appears they’re not the only one that wants changes to the firing range. Another user would “like (it to have) more height (in order to be able to) to test (bullet) drop on the Crossbow and under-barrel launchers,” before loading into action. Bullet drop plays an integral part in long-distance duels and having a space to test the rates could be hugely beneficial.

Despite the demand for firing range changes, another member of the community thinks it’s too late for Infinity Ward to add anything new to the current iteration of the firing range, arguing: “They aren’t going to change the firing range in MW2. Infinity Ward doesn’t even listen to basic, easy-to-implement feedback.”

With three more seasonal updates coming in the remainder of the Modern Warfare 2 cycle, there’s always a chance of the developer applying changes to the firing range, in order to give players a better place to test their loadouts before facing off against the opposition.

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