Modern Warfare 2 bug is causing Operators to levitate

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Screenshot showing Modern Warfare 2 players near a staircase and a Modern Warfare 2 player wearing an armoured mask
Credit: Activision

Throughout the Modern Warfare 2 cycle, players loading into multiplayer have encountered a plethora of game-breaking bugs and glitches capable of ruining matches.

Ahead of the Season 4 update, fans of Infinity Ward’s latest release aren’t best pleased with recent server performance updates that continue to cause chaos. Though, despite this and some other glitches, many are still looking forward to the return of a classic multiplayer map.

The latest issue affecting players ahead of the new season involves the behaviour of Operators within the pre-match lobbies. Rather than keeping both feet on the ground, a bug is causing them to move in a very different way.

Floating Modern Warfare 2 Operators

Uncovered while waiting for a match by Reddit user reckoner47, the glitch sees in-game characters float above the ground, much to the confusion of players.

As it’s not an issue that directly impacts in-game performance, other members of the community were quick to joke about the bug. “What type of Fortnite dance is this?” questions one fan. Another believes the glitch is down to “the power of the force” resulting in some unexpected levitation.

Levitating Operators aren’t the only thing Modern Warfare 2 players want Infinity Ward to address. A broken perk that’s meant to apply additional protection from explosive damage is leaving some players exposed to damage from frag grenades and Semtex that lands in close proximity to them.

The exact cause of this particular bug remains a mystery, but with a new season on the horizon, there’s a strong possibility of Infinity Ward keeping Operators firmly on the ground once the next wave of bug fixes are applied. Once Season 4 kicks off, only time will tell if levitating Operators are a thing of the past.

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