Modern Warfare 2 fans desperate for devs to fix broken perk

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Screenshot of Modern Warfare 2 player holding gun and wearing night-vision goggles and a frag grenade on a table with a shadow in the background
Credit: Activision

Perks in Modern Warfare 2 play a pivotal role in giving players additional benefits over the course of a match. Ranging from increased explosive resistance, to faster health regeneration, finding the best combination of these is just as important as using the best guns.

Ahead of Season 4, members of the often-vocal community have recently debated the worst weapons in multiplayer alongside leaks claiming a familiar face from 2019’s Modern Warfare could reappear as a playable Operator in the next seasonal update.

The latest topic of discussion surrounds one particular perk that’s not working as intended. As a result, fans are calling on Infinity Ward to address the issue.

Broken Modern Warfare 2 perk needs fixing

After equipping Bomb Squad, a perk designed to give players increased resistance to incoming explosives, Reddit user Djabouty47 shared a video in which the perk fails to dampen the damage of a grenade.

“So when is Infinity Ward gonna fix Bomb Squad in MP (multiplayer)?” asks the frustrated player. Judging by the comments, there are many others wondering if Bomb Squad will receive a fix. “I’ve died to frag grenades when using Bomb Squad too.” reports another fan hoping for changes.

Despite the best efforts of Infinity Ward, other community members aren’t holding out hope for a Bomb Squad fix to arrive anytime soon. One player states: “The real question is when is (Infinity Ward) going to fix anything that’s been broken for a long time or maybe fix their servers.” Modern Warfare 2 server issues have impacted players for several months and, although Activision is investigating the problem, a fix seems a long way off.

It’s unclear if Bomb Squad failing to block grenade damage is an intentional decision or another bug that’s slipped through the net. Even though the perk is broken, a little protection is surely better than none at all.

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