Modern Warfare 2 chopper gunner bug gives players wall hacks

Modern Warfare 2 chopper gunner and Modern Warfare 2 soldier
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 chopper gunner and Modern Warfare 2 soldier
Credit: Activision

The launch of Modern Warfare 2 hasn’t been the smoothest of sailing. Infinity Ward’s latest multiplayer offering is plagued with a variety of game-breaking bugs, including one that causes riot shield users to turn invincible.

Although the core gameplay is proving popular, the number of bugs and glitches are tainting an otherwise entertaining dose of multiplayer action. With Season One on the horizon, many are hoping the developer can iron out the issues to ensure they have a smooth experience when dropping into the action.

The first season of post-launch content is still a few weeks away and one player has managed to earn wall hacks thanks to a glitch involving the chopper gunner killstreak.

Modern Warfare 2 chopper gunner wall hacks

Thanks to Ricochet anti-cheat, the number of players using wall hacks is minimal but the chopper gunner exploit can happen to anyone over the course of a match. After exiting the killstreak during a match on Crown Raceway, Reddit user “Uncress” is still able to see the targeting system through any obstacles standing in their way.

Thanks to the discovery of the glitch, some members of the community are calling on Infinity Ward to disable the killstreak until the problem is fixed. “Before this month is over 90% of the game is gonna be disabled due to bugs and glitches,” jokes one commenter.

Another comment suggests Uncress will receive a false ban due to unintentional manipulation of game data. It’s not just multiplayer users falling victim to false bans. One unlucky player working through the single-player campaign was hit by the ban hammer much to their annoyance.

It’s unclear if Infinity Ward is working on a fix for the chopper gunner wall hacks so if you do encounter one during a match, be aware of someone having the ability to see through walls.

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