Minecraft player celebrates mining two millionth stone block

An image of a Minecraft player mining stone blocks.

An image of a Minecraft player mining stone blocks.

The creations of Minecraft players can range from the wacky to the ingenious, with massive masterpieces like a futuristic cricket stadium, a faithful recreation of GTA Online’s Diamond Casino, or even a working kebab machine being a regularity in blockland.

However, sometimes it’s their sheer dedication to mining block after block that’s the most impressive thing about these square Steves.

This is certainly true for one player on Reddit, whose commitment to their current project has seen them grind up two million stone blocks.

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The thread about this important achievement in the subreddit r/Minecraft began with a post from the player in question, user JustinTimeCuber, who shared a clip of them mining block number two million, simply captioning it: “Mining my 2,000,000th stone block.”

Many of their Minecraft brethren were impressed by this feat, with user bardia_daf saying: “Nice idea on mining it with wooden pickaxe”, to which JustinTimeCuber replied: “Yeah, I missed one million but I'll probably keep it up with three & four. Don't expect to hit five during this project though, (as) unless my maths is off, I'll get to deepslate before then.”

User Denastus suggested JustinTimeCuber might want to frame a copy of the pickaxe for their hall of fame, however, the block annihilator responded: “Good idea, but I just threw it away. My reasoning being that I didn't preserve any of my original wooden/stone tools from back in 1.15.2 when I started the world, so it would be kinda unfair to preserve this one, if that makes sense.”

A few users wondered why JustinTimeCuber had needed to shift so many blocks, leading them to answer that they were digging a pretty big hole in order to build something in it.

User mongster83 made the mistake of inquiring how long JustinTimeCuber has been digging said hole, prompting the mad miner to respond: “Since May 27, approximately 140 hours spent so far.”

However, user winauer offered a glimpse into how mundane massive time investments like that can be in the world of Minecraft, sharing an image of their total of stone blocks mined, which sits at over 11 million, jokingly commenting: “rookie numbers.”

Regardless of how many stone blocks you’ve mined over the years, make sure to follow us for more Minecraft mods and Roblox updates as new content arrives in both games.

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