Minecraft uncle builds wholesome game-inspired playroom for nephews

A promo screenshot for Minecraft.
Credit: Mojang/Mincrosoft.

A promo screenshot for Minecraft.
Credit: Mojang/Mincrosoft.

The creations of Minecraft players can range from the wacky to the ingenious, with massive masterpieces like a futuristic cricket stadium, a faithful recreation of GTA Online’s Diamond Casino or a working kebab machine being a regularity in blockland.

However, sometimes their creative juices end up flowing into real life, leading to some interesting inventions you don’t have to be square to experience in person.

One particularly wholesome example of this has recently hit Reddit and made someone the envy of everyone with Minecraft-obsessed offspring.

Minecraft players are wishing they had this playroom as kids

The thread about this delicious achievement in the subreddit r/Minecraft began with user ZATSTACH sharing a photo of an attic room expertly painted to resemble a Minecraft house, captioning it: “I painted a Minecraft-themed playroom for my nephews.”

A number of other players lined up to heap praise on the craftsmanship on display, with user Dude_Guy45 saying: “I used to do commercial and residential painting so I love this. So, you PAINTED that cobblestone??? Mad props, I would have cried painting that even if they paid me to do it for a job” and VoxImperatoris adding: “I wonder if it was a set of stencils. Would still be tedious, but not full-blown madness.”

Meanwhile, user BurnySandals suggested a minor improvement, saying: “awesome. Now figure out how to make an Enderman pop out somewhere”, to which ZATSTACH replied: “I actually thought about getting a 12" x 12" digital picture frame and loading a bunch of the same images and scenery from the game with a single image of a creeper looking in for the same effect.”

With this addition, the room would probably become even more surreal, which is worrying, as it already seems to have convinced some users that it’s actually in the game, with hansolo625 admitting: “I thought it was a mod” and cheesezzzzzzz saying: “10/10 base build, may I ask what texture pack you are using?”

Meanwhile, user Moppy_the_mop asked: “why base the walls on the original cobblestone texture?”, prompting ZATSTACH to explain: “cobblestone because it is one of the most recognizable textures, and the original design because it used fewer textures and higher contrast making it easier to paint.”

Other users were clearly fine with this choice, with user Drakmanka expressing a desire to move into the room, asking: “can I be one of your nephews?”

Regardless of whether you’d be open to hanging out in a real-life Minecraft house, make sure to follow us for more Minecraft mods and Roblox updates as new content arrives in both games.

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