Minecraft modder brings Dark Souls’ parry mechanic to blockland

A promo screenshot for Minecraft.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

A promo screenshot for Minecraft.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

Most Minecraft players are more known for their creative abilities, showcased by projects such as a futuristic cricket stadium, an iconic Windows background, or a faithful recreation of GTA Online’s Diamond Casino than their combat prowess.

However, that doesn’t mean that they all simply cower away in a corner once night falls and the creepers start prowling.

Whether armed with the traditional diamond sword or a garlic bread shotgun, some of these Steves can go, and they’ve just had a fresh trick added to their arsenal by a new mod.

Get ready to block attacks from Minecraft’s biggest and baddest enemies

The mod in question is called ‘Souls-like Parry’ by modder atGOUKI, whose first mod is a pretty impressive one.

Inspired by the frenetic combat of the Dark Souls series and Elden Ring, the mod aims to allow Minecraft’s greatest warriors to block just as effectively as those trapped in boss battles across the plains of FromSoftware-developed oblivion.

It does this via a new weapon enchantment, naturally called ‘Parry’, which, once applied, can be activated when you’ve got the enchanted weapon in your main hand using either the default R key, or a rebound key of your choosing.

Successfully executing a parry on an incoming attack will inflict the maximum weakness and slowness debuffs on them, even imbuing them with a debuff called riposte, which increases the damage they take from any attacks while it’s active.

The parry animation itself lasts for around 42 frames, ensuring that you have to be properly set up in good time before an attack hits you. It even has a cooldown time to stop you from spamming it repeatedly.

Getting ahold of the enchantment shouldn’t be too much of a challenge either, with all of the normal means of obtaining the buffs (treasure chests, villager trading and enchanting tables) serving it up.

So, grab your best blade, take a few practice swings, and make sure to follow us for more Minecraft mods and Roblox updates as new content arrives in both games.

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