Mass Effect N7 Day: What Is N7 Day? Will Remaster Be Announced in 2020? Latest Bioware News

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N7 Day is a day in November that many Mass Effect fans celebrate.

It takes place on the 7th of November every year.

On this day players celebrate their love for the game, characters and the world it takes place in. A bit like how The Last of Us fans celebrate 'That Last of Us Day' (formally Outbreak Day) on September 26.

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N7 Day 2020

N7 Day first came to be in 2012 and has been around ever since.

The name originates from the armour that Commander Shepard wears.

The N stands for the special forces and the 7 is Shepard's rank.

An N7 rank is an extremely respected title due to the training it takes to receive.

The day was originally made by BioWare as a marketing tactic.

Every year the community and BioWare have celebrated the game whether it be through Twitter, teasers, thank you videos, etc.


We're not sure what's to come this year for N7 day.

Mass Effect Trilogy, the re-release of Bioware's sci-fi RPG titles, has been long rumoured and it's believed to be called the "Legendary Edition", according to Jeff Grubb of Venturebeat.

According to a listing at, The Art of Mass Effect Trilogy: Expanded Edition is due to launch on March 23, which would suggest the remaster is set to arrive in the same release window.

So could we finally see an announcement for the game on N7 day in 2020? Quite potentially.

We look forward to seeing, but for now why not find out more about the Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster release date, here.