Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Could Be Coming In March 2021

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Mass Effect Trilogy, the re-release of Bioware's sci-fi RPG titles, is expected to launch in March of 2021.

According to a listing at, The Art of Mass Effect Trilogy: Expanded Edition is due to launch on March 23, suggesting that the remaster could arrive in a similar window.


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Mass Effect Trilogy Release Date Confirmed?

The item's description suggests the inclusion of "never before seen works of art", as well as "extensive new material from the DLCs for all three games".

EA had previously acknowledged the upcoming release of what they referred to as an "HD project" which VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb revealed to be a remaster of the original trilogy.


This art book listing may not be conclusive proof of the project's release date, but one has to wonder why else an art book about a trilogy that finished in 2012 would be released. Calling the project an "HD" remaster feels like a misnomer, however, as the original trilogy were all released in HD (and are backwards compatible on Xbox One).

If you've not played them, the original Mass Effect titles stand up as some of Bioware's best. While combat was a bit clunky in the first game, the second and third titles polished things to offer a satisfying RPG with fun shooting mechanics.

The latest game in the franchise, Mass Effect: Andromeda, was intended to kick off a new direction for the franchise but underperformed both critically and commercially for EA. Bioware's most recent title, Anthem, suffered much the same fate, with the famed developers moving onto Dragon Age 4.

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