Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s latest showcase has fans hyped up about some potential Mysterio teases

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A character that could be Mysterio in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.
Credit: Insomniac Games.

While they’ve gotten a steady string of teasers via PlayStation showcases and standalone trailers over the past few months, Marvel fans have still been itching to see more of what Spider Man 2 has to offer.

After all, you can only comb through the clips shown so far, trying to decide how you feel about the game’s HUD and character glow-ups or getting hyped up about the idea of a boss battle with Symbiote Peter Parker, before you start to lose interest.

Thankfully, yesterday’s State of Play gave us a fresh look at the version of New York that serves as Spider Man 2’s world, with fans having spotted some potential teases of a character you might end up interacting with in the urban jungle.

What did you think of this latest look at Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Having combed through the section of the show that saw Spider-Man 2 Senior Creative Director Bryan Intihar take us through some gameplay designed to show off the game’s huge map, fans on X (Twitter) and Reddit have homed in on a couple of interesting frames.

The main shots that’ve drawn their attention look to all but confirm that Mysterio, a supervillain whose persona revolves around the use of Hollywood-style special effects and illusions, will be making an appearance in some capacity.

With what Intihar simply described as “a mysterious symbol projected into the sky” resembling the character’s logo and a scarf-wearing character that many have suggested could be the villain in casual mode both having popped up, fans seem pretty sure they’ll be getting some Mysterio.

“It so has to be him. There was that person dressed as him at the Halloween party [in the first Marvel’s Spider-Man], and a piece of his helmet in a backpack, so he’s definitely about,” user Jimmy-Mac-471 argued on Reddit.

Their peers are excited to see what Mysterio could be getting up to in the new game, with some hoping he’ll play a significant role, while others are tempering their expectations and preparing for him to serve as a side character akin to The Riddler in the Arkham series.

Meanwhile, some fans are very happy to have been given an in-game look at the Black Suit from Spider Man 3, and others particularly enjoyed the trailer’s sign-based spoiler joke.

Regardless of what you thought of this latest look at Marvel’s Spider Man 2, make sure to follow us for more updates on the game as its October release inches closer.

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