Melty Blood Type Lumina Major Patch Confirmed, Changes Revealed Early

Type Moon Games confirmed it's working on the first major Melty Blood Type Lumina patch and promised large changes in this update set for release on November 12.

Type Moon Games has confirmed on their official Twitter account that the new update will bring many changes to the fighter, along with the usual "bugfixes and minor character adjustments"

Some of those fixes revolve around specific skills, as the developers noticed some characters have unreliable Moon Skills, Arc Drives, and other attacks.

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Melty Blood Type Lumina Late 2021 Major Patch Changes

Other than character changes, the major patch also confirms to have some overall gameplay bugfixes too. The developers have also made some fixes on the pre-match round start lag stutters.

If an online match pushes through with a skipped intro, players will spend the first 10 seconds of the match with characters that rapidly teleport as they move.

It's all fairly small for an update billed as major, so we'll have to wait and see what Type Moon has in store for the rest of it.

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