Modern Warfare 2 developer reveals Farm 18 map

Image showing Modern Warfare 2 Farm 18 map and Captain Price
Credit: Activision

Image showing Modern Warfare 2 Farm 18 map and Captain Price
Credit: Activision

Following the reveal of the Grand Prix map for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, developer Infinity Ward has unveiled the second map making its way to multiplayer.

Ahead of the Call of Duty Next event that will contain a full Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer reveal, the developer continues to share small snippets of intel as players begin to look forward to a return to the Modern Warfare series.

Known as Farm 18, the map features a training facility situated within a cement factory and takes inspiration from the popular Shoothouse map from 2019’s Modern Warfare.

Infinity Ward unveils Farm 18

The first intel drop appeared on the Call of Duty Twitter account and gives fans an insight into the development process of Farm 18. Ashley Thundercliffe, senior environment artist reveals how Infinity Ward aims to create a realistic map while maintaining the fun Call of Duty fans expect.

“It’s a perfect balance between all departments trying to find the perfect harmony to ensure we got a beautiful, realistic looking space,” Thundercliffe reveals. The environment artist also cites the importance of foliage and how it influences the way players decide to move around the map.

After a closer look at Farm 18, fans got a sneak peek at Modern Warfare 2’s gunplay. Judging by the few seconds of seeing an assault rifle unleash its magazine, recoil looks difficult to control meaning attachment selection will be critical in order to find the best Modern Warfare 2 loadouts to use.

The reveal of Farm 18 confirms a recent leak revealing several Modern Warfare 2 maps was accurate. The current belief is that the game will launch with a total of 16 maps for six-versus-six action. As the clock ticks towards the Modern Warfare 2 release date, there’s a high chance more intel drops will unveil more battlegrounds.

While we wait, be sure to check out our guide showcasing all of the Modern Warfare 2 perks appearing in multiplayer.

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