How to Buy PSP Games on PS Vita and PS3

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The PlayStation Store is officially closed on the PlayStation Portable, but if you’re wondering how to buy PSP games, you’re in luck.

Assuming you have a PS3 or PS Vita, that is.


The day the closure took place, Sony announced PSP games can still be downloaded using the Vita or PS3 stores.

If you have one of those, then the process of accessing the PSP content on your PSP is fairly painless, since, thankfully, there’s no complicated transfer process like transferring PS3 games to your Vita.

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How to Buy PSP Games from the Vita and PS3 Stores

You’ll find the PSP content in the PS3 or Vita stores just through searching for it by name.

Naturally, the only games you’ll find are the ones that had digital releases, so don’t expect to find the likes of Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core or the Gagharv trilogy preceding Falcom’s Legend of Heroes Trails games.

Once you’ve purchased the game, fire up your PSP and access the Download List.


New and existing purchases will be available to download from here, and there’s no indication this will change anytime soon.

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