Sony Confirms PlayStation Store Shutdown For PS3, Vita, PSP

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After last week's report from The Gamer stated that Sony were removing PS3, PlayStation Vita and PSP storefronts, the company has now confirmed the news.

The PS3 and PSP online stores will shut down on July 2, while the PlayStation Vita store will follow on August 27.


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Sony Confirms PlayStation Store Shutdown For PS3, Vita, PSP

In an update to its support page, Sony confirmed that previously purchased games, DLC, and content, will still be available for re-download. That said, in-game purchases will be unavailable.

PlayStation Plus subscribers will also be able to redownload games from the service so long as their membership doesn't lapse.


Once the stores are down, players won't be able to redeem vouchers for PSN wallet funds on those platforms.

As we reported yesterday, the web-based versions of the PlayStation Store for the three platforms were unceremoniously taken down over the weekend.

Last week, we discussed the ramifications of Sony's decision.

"There are PlayStation Vita games launching this year that will be removed from sale in just a few months time. That's a developer's livelihood being reduced to a short-term sales target," we said.