Epic Games Store Leaks Four New Legend of Heroes: Trails Games for Western Release

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When is the Hajimari no Kiseki Western release?

Thanks to a leak from the Epic Games Store, we now know when NIS America plans on the Hajimari no Kiseki English release.


Except it’s not Hajimari anymore. The localized version is Trails into Reverie, and it’s not the only Trails game leaked.

The EGS also leaked Trails from Zero Western release, Trails from Azure Western release, and even Nayuta no Kiseki Western release.

These games were likely planned for an official announcement during developer Nihon Falcom’s 40th anniversary livestream on June 25 at 6 a.m. BST.

If you were hoping for anything releasing in 2021, maybe don’t be so hasty.

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Epic Games Store Leaks Four New Legend of Heroes: Trails Games for Western Release

The EGS leak shows the Trails into Reverie release is sometime in 2023.


Trails from Zero’s release is fall 2022, and its sequel, Azure, is also 2023.

However, it could be these are just placeholders or that the games’ console versions will release earlier.

NIS America and Falcom will likely have more information on the release during the anniversary livestream.

Either way, these official releases of Zero and Azure mark the first time both games have been available to Western audiences since their initial release in 2010 and 2011.

Meanwhile, both games are available unofficially on PC thanks to the efforts of the Geofront fan translation group.

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[Source: EGS, via ResetERA]