GTA Online players are paying tribute to Ken Block by going for rides in their Drift Tampas

Ken Block beside GTA Online's Drift Tampa.

Ken Block beside GTA Online's Drift Tampa.

Most GTA Online players likely thought they’d be spending the first few days of 2023 trying to help their characters recover from festive hangovers or drafting a set of business-themed new year’s resolutions.

However, for the petrolheads that call Los Santos home, a real-life event, the tragic death of off-road racer Ken Block, has changed their plans.

As a tribute to the pioneer of gymkhana, it seems as though a number of these automotive enthusiasts have decided to take their Drift Tampas out for a mournful cruise.

Are you planning on burning some virtual rubber in memory of number 43?

Some of these impromptu memorials have come to form the subject of threads on the GTA Online subreddit, one of which began with a post from user Mathiasxd148-. They simply shared an image of their Drift Tampa, a car which resembles the heavily modified Ford Mustang used by Block in his seventh gymkhana video, captioning it: “RIP Ken Block.”

While many players responding to Mathiasxd148-’s post or creating their own offered tributes, a couple suggested that they’d be taking things a bit further by going for a drive in a Block-themed car like the Tampa.

“Come on guys and girls, let's all get our racers out, set suspension to lowered and skid our way through Los Santos for the next couple of days in loving memory of a legend” declared user JackoTheWolf in response to one such post from Brotherbeam.

If this sounds like an idea you’d be interested in, your choice of vehicles isn’t limited to the Tampa, with a post from walmartballer showing off a range of other GTA cars that resemble rides from the American’s garage, including the Flash GT, which looks a lot like the Ford hatchbacks used by him for rallying, and the Drift Yosemite, which is inspired by his infamous Hoonitruck.

Regardless of whether you’ve taken a day off from grinding or playing through the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC to execute some respectful doughnuts or go on a drift run, make sure to follow us for more GTA 6 and GTA Online updates.

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