Genshin Impact newcomer Nahida is the most profitable of all time

Nahida and Raiden Shogun showing off their moves in Genshin Impact

Nahida and Raiden Shogun showing off their moves in Genshin Impact

You’ve heard of Genshin Impact. Everyone has. Even your mum’s dog has heard of it, and it only gets more obvious how big the game is by the absolutely eye-watering profits that new characters’ banners are pulling in for Hoyoverse.

Every few weeks, Genshin Impact features new or returning 5-Star rarity characters on their own ‘banner’ - this is where the profits come in, and players can prove to Hoyoverse which characters are their favourite. Usually, new characters will earn a pretty penny, but this time, it’s off the scale.

Nahida features prominently in the recent story updates and has a solid kit behind her that can work incredibly well in many team compositions for every aspect of the game. She has a cute personality and design is fun to play with, and can deal some serious damage. What’s not to like about the pint-sized Dendro Archon?

Have you contributed to Nahida’s runaway success?

The adorable Nahida has made her debut as a playable character in Genshin Impact, on her very own banner named ‘The Moongrass’ Enlightenment’. Not even the low-rated 4-Stars and recently rerun Yoimiya joining Nahida can dampen this banner, it seems.

Until recently, the highest-grossing character release banner was Raiden Shogun, the Archon of Inazuma, who pulled in a whopping $23,606,095 in the first six days of her banner back in March of this year. Even this was a historical performance as it almost doubled the most successful banner before it, which was Klee with a $14 million profit in the same initial period.

But these, now, are but mere chicken feed. Nahida has grossed $24,086,469 six days into her release according to official Hoyolab charts. Not even a full week, and she’s blasted Raiden Shogun’s banner out of the water and taken the top spot for the most successful Genshin Impact banner ever. Bear in mind that these figures only come from the Chinese market, and only measure the iOS platform, so the real total is even more absurd.

There is a chance for this record to be beaten again soon, however, as the previous title holder for the most successful banner, Raiden Shogun, is due a rerun with a pivotal new character. This could rake in even more enormous profits for Hoyoverse in just a few weeks' time.

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