Gamers are trying to work out which gun has been featured in the most FPS games

An image of the M1911 pistol in a game.

An image of the M1911 pistol in a game.

When it comes to FPS games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, having an extensive variety of weapons for players to swap between is just as critical as the car roster of any driving game.

After all, how can you expect people to spend thousands of hours battling away in various matches without giving them a range of different guns to try and master while they grind away to get their K/D up?

When it comes to choosing which weapons are put into any of these games, there are a bunch of factors that go into the decision, but this hasn’t stopped some gamers from trying to work out which gun is the most commonly featured throughout the genre.

How many of these guns have you got kills with?

Posting to begin the ResetEra thread on the topic, user Kalentan asked: “When it comes to shooters, is the M1911 Pistol the most commonly recreated gun in the genre?” adding that in their view: “Obviously there are other guns like say the M4 which have been recreated a ton, but I feel like the M1911 is a bit more common than even (them) since it's pretty damn old.”

Many of their fellow FPS fans replied to agree that the M1911 is certainly the most heavily featured handgun across the shooter landscape, with user Gaius Cassius saying: “Not a surprise considering it was standard issue from 1911, to nearly a hundred years later. It’s one of the most mass produced pistols in the world,” and Nobleman Swerve adding: “Single handedly winning two back-to-back world wars will do that for ya.”

That said, the plucky pistol wasn’t the only gun in the running for top spot, with the AK-47 assault rifle also gaining a number of votes from the assembled users, due to its worldwide symbolic status, in addition it its popularity as a firearm, with Soulflarz quipping: “even games that dont have it have a clone version.”

Outside of this pair of instantly recognisable armaments, user regenhuber suggested: “I'd say (without any empirical evidence) that the MP5 (or lookalikes) is the most common SMG type.”

Picking out a most popular sniper rifle proved a little more of a challenge, with regenhuber nominating the Barrett M82, due to its appearances in Call of Duty and inspiration of CS:GO’s AWP, and Jogi shouting out the slightly more old school Mosin-Nagant.

On the other hand, user CliveLH had a slightly more sarcastic suggestion for the overall prize, quipping: “honestly, the most common gun in video games is Chekhov's.”

Regardless of whether you’ve ever managed a 360 no-scope with a literary device, make sure to follow us for in-depth coverage of shooters like Warzone.

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