Invisible John Cena Arrives In Fortnite and Players Can’t See a Problem

A promo screenshot of the John Cena Fortnite skin.
Credit: Epic Games.

A promo screenshot of the John Cena Fortnite skin.
Credit: Epic Games.

Infamous battle royale game Fortnite is already home to a lot of weird and wacky celebrity skins, with everyone from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to blue-haired streamer Ninja having had their likenesses brought to the battle bus.

Whether you enjoy playing as these virtual stars, prefer anime-themed attire or are one of the thousands of default-skinned warriors, you might encounter a new famous menace next time you drop into a game.

That’s right, everyone’s favourite jort-wearing grappler has snuck his way into Fortnite and despite players not being able to see him, has gone down a treat with the community.

Fortnite Gets An Imperceptible Attitude Adjustment

Making his entrance via Twitter and weighing in at an indeterminate amount of pixels, wrestler John Cena is now in the game and has caused social media to erupt into a sea of jokes based on his catchphrase.

Fortnite players on Reddit didn’t get too involved in the invisible jokes, possibly out of fear of being embarrassed by the unseen menace.

Luckily, some weren’t too afraid of the hidden sweatband-wearing grappler, with user Sir_CrazyLegs referencing an old meme by yelling: “AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA” and Jackie_Daytona-RHB revealing a possible method of luring out the transparent WWE star by saying: “the ‘U Can’t C Me’ emote plays his song.”

Others seemed determined to corral the master of hustle, loyalty and respect so that they can force him to a one-on-one matchup with The Foundation, Fortnite’s version of fellow wrestling star and generally electrifying personality Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Meanwhile, some in the thread condemned the jokes about not being able to see the unCena skin, with user Savings-Ad3951 saying: “can't wait for all the unfunny people to say ‘there's nothing in the shop!!!’ in two days”.

Others commented on the sudden and unexpected arrival of Cena to the game, with an Instagram post from the man himself back in February now looking like a tease that no one understood.

User AlexMercer28900, on the other hand, outlined their desire for more WWE-themed skins to arrive soon, signalling their desperation to be able to deck noobs as Stone Cold Steve Austin or AJ Styles by pleading: “I’ll take anyone, Jesus Christ just give us more.”

Regardless of whether the son of God does come through with more blessed Fortnite skins, make sure to follow us for guides on how to get your hands on characters like big match John and coverage of streamers like Ninja.

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