Final Fantasy XIV is coming to Xbox

Final Fantasy XIV Xbox
Credit: Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV Xbox
Credit: Square Enix

Xbox fans got some amazing news out of the recent FFXIV Fan Fest stream in which the game's fifth major expansion, Dawntrail, was revealed as Final Fantasy XIV has been confirmed for both Xbox Series S and X.

This newfound relationship could be the start of both Xbox and Square Enix working together moving forward, or at least that is what was implied by the head of Xbox himself, Phil Spencer, who joined the FFXIV Fan Fest to announce this unexpected piece of news.

Following the stream, he even took to Twitter to confirm that Xbox will continue to closely work with Square Enix on "future games." Could we potentially see the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy 16 make its debut on Xbox consoles soon? Only time will tell.

When is FFXIV coming to Xbox?

Square Enix Xbox FFXIV
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Credit: Square Enix
Final Fantasy XIV is coming to Xbox!

Enough about speculation, let's talk more FFXIV. Announced during the Fan Fest, Xbox users can expect to enjoy Final Fantasy XIV when patch 6.5x drops, aiming to have a full release closer to spring 2024, setting the stage for Dawntrail's release in the summer.

It's worth noting that starting with patch 6.0, the free trial of Final Fantasy XIV will expand to include the second major expansion, Stormblood, released in 2017. So that's a lot of content to sink your teeth in if you're a new player interested in trying out the MMORPG.

is FFXIV coming to Game Pass?

The perennial question every time a new game is announced for Xbox. Sadly, the answer this time is no, Final Fantasy XIV is not coming to Game Pass services of any kind, including console or PC.

You shouldn't feel too bad about it. As we mentioned above, the free version of Final Fantasy XIV has plenty of content, including the base game and two big expansions, Heavensward and Stormblood.

Give those a try and if you're hooked by the gameplay, then buying Dawntrail will likely be a no brainer!

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