Final Fantasy fans can’t get enough of Cloud being on a Segway in the latest FF7 Rebirth trailer

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Cloud on a Segway in the latest Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth trailer.
Credit: Square Enix.

Now that they’ve had a couple of months to experience everything that Final Fantasy 16 has to offer, some fans of the series are starting to turn their attention towards Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Having already been treated to a first look at the game during June’s Summer Game Fest, fans were left with plenty of questions as to how exactly the events it portrays will end up fitting into, or possibly re-jigging, the series’ established canon.

Following yesterday’s PlayStation State of Play showcase, we now know that it’ll be dropping on February 29, 2024. While that’s definitely the biggest news to come out of this latest FF7 Rebirth trailer, a lot of fans seem to have come out of the show unable to stop thinking about one particular shot.

Has the image of Cloud on a segway already cemented Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth as your 2024 GOTY pick?

Shortly after the one minute mark of the trailer, we were treated to a very brief shot of Cloud happily motoring along on a Segway, en-route to some important adventure in the same kind of fashion as a corporate tech-bro heading to a meeting.

Naturally, given how endearingly goofy a fantasy hero - complete with massive sword slung across his back - travelling like this looks, fans have been having a little bit of fun revelling in its absurdity.

For instance, one on X (Twitter) has decided to put together the version of the trailer we all needed - The Segway Cut, which allows you to sit back and take in the glory of the shot for a full two minutes and 19 seconds.

Meanwhile, over on Reddit user suitNtie22 has shared a cute little pixel art animation of it that they put together in rapid fashion after pausing the showcase as soon as the shot arrived on their screen. “I saw it, and I saw my destiny,” they declared in a comment on their post.

Meanwhile, some fans have picked out another shot, which shows Red XIII riding a Chocobo, as their personal highlight from the trailer.

Regardless of how hyped up you are to pootle around in a silly manner once Rebirth arrives, make sure to check out our helpful guides to earning trophies, gathering resources, and defeating foes in Final Fantasy 16.

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